I got Double pigged by Deidera

Well it was my monthly trip to see Deidera and kill some pigs and predators, this also involves sitting on the porch and sharing a beer and conversation with the folks after dinner ( bass fried in corm meal), Id make the trip just for the grub, her mom always has something ready to eat and cold to drink and after a night out, her first words are Ē Yaíll come in and eatĒ.

I had gone down during the week before and filled feeders and set cameras on three stands to get a better idea of movement. We check the cameras and find we have one large hog working with a coon who would get on the feeder and spill corn while the hog stands under it and eats. This hog and coon would show up every night and work as a team for hours. And we had wondered why this feeder was always low on corn? Now we know why. I told her to take the coon first if she has the chance as he is the ring leader, Would have a pic but in my vast knowledge of computers and cameras I deleted the file.

So after dinner we double check the zeroís with the cans on and find that removing the crush washer Deideraís can has no POI shift and she is right on, we hit the stands at about 9pm bring radios with us as cell phone is hit or miss, most of the hogs had been showing up around 10-12pm Iím thinking this will be a good hunt we had salted the roads and senderoís with corn and the cameras where showing a lot of activity, figuring its going to be a long night I catch a few winks waking up every 20 minutes and scan with the FLIR and checking with Deidera on the radio to get any update, I realize its still pretty dam hot they said it would get down to 75 but it still felt like 90 and the dog in the elevated box blind didnít help with all her panting Im leaning back, head as far out the little slit window trying to catch any breeze there was, remembering I had forgot to bring any water to drink. I tell Deidera Im going to make a quick hike back to the truck 400 yards and rehydrate me and the dog, as nothing is moving in the heat.

I get back to the blind and carry the dog up and get settled in starting to think man this heat, Deidera is closer to the stock tank and they will pass her before me in search of water. I look up from one of my little 15 minute naps to see a large hog 150 yards away in one of the senderoís and two more little oneís under the feeder @ 75 yards. Iím thinking about a double on the little ones with this TSX 80gr out of the 243 it shouldnít be a problem, but figure I better take the large one Deidera will think Iím showing off if I take 2 with one shot.

I radio Deidera and tell her I have hogs, she says gettum! The large one is ľ towards me and I put the D760 on his neck giving me a little room to pooch the shot, right in to the shoulder or left into the head, I break the shot, hog drops and kicks twice, Deidera calls back and with a giggle says thatís a hit! First time she had herd the suppressed hit from 600 yards, the hit is all you hear. I reply ďBlack HOG DownĒ the little ones take off and now Iím wide awake thinking they are starting to move and itís cooling off finally.

An hour later Deidera calls and says she has hogs and I can hear the excitement in her voice, so I tell her to get a good sight picture and focus on the trigger nice and easy. Iím waiting to hear the hit then it comes Thump,,Thump,,,???,,, Thump ! Iím thinking OK Deidera if thatís what you call nice and easy. But it did sound like 3 hits? She calls on the radio and again is giggling and says well thatís a $3 hog he was still flopping around so I put one in his head. I tell her to hold tight we may get more.

30 minutes later she calls and says,, ďI think I shot two hogs, there are two heat sources 75 yards away lying on the ground about 5 yards apart? She says she had been watching the one with the idea that more would be on the way so she was holding out for a big hog like the one she got last time, and about the time she was going to go ahead and take the one, several more show up. She says she shot him and got back on him and he was spinning so she put another in him, then found him again in the scope and he was flopping on the ground trying to get up so she went for the head thinking her second shot had missed, she says she has more hogs in the road 300 yards off but her batteries in the IR are dead and she canít make them out real well in the deep shadows. I told her I would show up and put new batteries in the IR and then put the stalk on them.

I show up and sure enough she has two hogs on the ground, I go over the crime scene with her and figure she had dropped the first one right in the shoulder 2.5 inches up from the armpit with the 6.8 both shoulders are broken DRT, she didnít see it drop in the scope and the one that was spinning didnít know which way to run from the suppressed shot and got shot himself for the crime of being indecisive shot placement was the same taking out booth shoulders right above the armpit, she got back on the first one thinking it is still the one hog and put one right below the eye.

Lots of knuckle bumping and high fives Iím laughing to myself thinking itís a good thing she only has 10rd mags,, we change the batteries and scout for the other hogs and decide to hit the pasture 100 yards behind her blind and do a little calling and they might return, we had missed a chance on a big coyote there last time.

10 minutes in she says she has a heat source 200 yards down the fence line, but its small, I look and figure its a rabbit in the tall grass, I keep calling with a baby cottontail hand call and the heat source is making a wide arc towards us, at about 150 yards we both see its a bobcat, we are both on him and Iím coaxing him in and he is coming in on a string but pausing to look left and right as he comes in, Iím using a 6Ē fence post as a rest and at 75 yards tell Deidera to go ahead and take him, she replies ďno you only got one hog you take himĒ well you donít have to tell me twice, the cat paused and turned to the right giving me a good shoulder shot, as the shot breaks I see the crosshairs have lift to the top of the shoulder the cat looks behind it as the bullet hits the dirt, hearing the crack and thud of the bullet behind him not knowing where the suppressed shot came from, as the cross hairs come back on him Iím taking up the slack for another shot, this time Iím dead on as the shot breaks a half a second later, the cat jumps 3 feet in the air and runs about 5 yards with a heart shot

The Dog goís right to it and Deidera says nice shot, I said yea, nice second shot, she says well it is little and not much bigger than a house cat, then asked me if my hog is as big as the big one she got last time, I tell her NO its not, but it is bigger the both of hers together! We get all the dead loaded in the truck, I make her load both her little hogs by herself after she is giggling at the thought she has two hogs to my one and a little house cat size bobcat, I remind her that it was her blind luck and not skill.

I swear every time she pulls something off like that, its always some kind of first with her every hunt and every time it seems to work in her favor! her first coyote is 10+ years old with a rifle she had never shot and thermal scope she had never looked through before the shot, she spends ten minutes dry firing on a sounder of hogs trying to load her gun only to have hogzilla show up when she does get it loaded an drops him! Newbie luck

We stake out a tank we had salted with corn that had a lot of hog wallowing in it and sign of some large hogs, its now about 4:30 and time for another nap for me so I find a soft spot in the caliche next to an old well head as she scans the tank from her tripod using the well head as cover. Nothing shows up but some deer that she tells me got all upset at my snoring and claims they were stopping and snorting at me, I told her I was awake and was showing proper stand discipline by not moving and was really trying to grunt up some hogs and hadnít she ever herd of calling in hogs before, ( dang newbie anyway canít tell snoring from hog grunts),

we end the night with a stand switching to the day rig, with nothing showing up but a nice sunrise. We get back to the house and her mom says, get in there, there is some SOS on the stove and a fresh pot of coffee.

Her mom ask me to spend another night and Deidera says no way! he will hunt and I have to work in the morning, I should have stayed as I was well rested LOL

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lets change the game, put the Can on, turn the Lights out, and the Dog loose.