Lots of bashing, and trash talk...
I've said this in a few other posts, and I'll type it again for those who haven't read or seen my posts.
Personally, I don't kill pups, I don't kill coyotes until the fur is prime, that is just me, and my requisites.
I am not telling someone else how to do what they want or "feel" the need to do, whether it's for management or for fun!
NOW... as I stated in a post about a month ago, you guys need to stand together, or at least find a bit of common turf, cause I'll educate you on one thing, you and the anti's have nothing in common.
Give em an inch, they try and take a yard..., Do any of you really think they understand why we do what we do?
How many of you really think these anti's "hate" the guy who put the sneak on, and pounded these pups more than they hate someone like me who films it all?
Sit back eat popcorn all ya want watch the fellas wine and moan about dead "dogs"... I'm thinkin of the bigger picture, like how the F*** do we still have an irs, or epa, after all this BS... you think we're adding fuel to the fire by doing what we do in the realm of hunting a DOG... there's much bigger problems brewing.
Learn to discipline yourself, so someone else doesn't have to.

They'll hear ya three times, see ya twice, but only smell ya once.

Play the Rabbit, and they will come.