Unfortunately like rodeo said...its sad what this world is coming to. Im only 26 (27 in couple days), and I can say that i have seen the world turn into babies in my lifetime. No matter what we has hunters do to not show the true but gruesome side of our lifestyles as hunters the people that can't handle it will always seem to see it. I don't personally believe in going to advertise things out there that i knowingly feel people can't handle these days, HOWEVER i think its crazy that some think the world is sugar coated.

I have my own beliefs on this matter (the thread), and i don't feel the need to share them. However, i will say that sometimes things are done that other won't agree with...i have seen things in my own hunting expierences that would make people cringe...do i feel good about them, NO, but sometimes they are neccesary. Us as hunters know and understand that. The outsiders don't, and won't.

We as hunters should remember that regardless of our opinions on the topic at hand that we still have an agreeance on a larger topic...hunting. Its our life style's, passions, obbessions, carreers, hobby's, and way of life. There is no reason to sit here and bash each other on a public forum.If you don't agree then send him a PM. Everyone sits here and post's negative comments and bashes Brownie, that just shows the "antis" that they are getting under our skin and making progress....stand together.