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And I see they have. thumbup1

Originally Posted By: Yote Yoda USMC
At first I thought DC was just in a bad mood all the time

Naw. DC is very seldom in a bad mood.

He just ain't near as good expressing what he wants to say in a type written media like AP Jones and some others are. IF DC was that good, he might would of said it just as AP Jones did though. tongue_smilie

Now if I drive 100 miles and the fish ain't bitin, all bets are off. I may be in a bad mood at the end of that day.

On another note, we FINALLY got some badly needed rain today. I think there was a drop spaced about every 1/4".. WooHoo .. Mother nature has a sick sense of humor..
Colorado has smelled like one big azz brush fire every since 1-1-14.