I agree AP......and thanks Jeff.....Brownie, I worry every day that someone will watch FURTAKERS on the OC and use that footage that I worked so hard to get against me and everyone else that loves this heritage and sport we call predator hunting.....I love coyote calling, coyote calling contests-stage and field contests, [beeep] if there was a canary calling contest I would probably enter it....The hope for me at least is that we educate, entertain, and promote this "sport" we love...and show average people that might never do it, that it is challenging, fun, and a worthy cause for various reasons....Like I said, I will hunt them any time, anywhere, for any reason....I just hope we as hunters learn we must always put our best foot forward to show that hunting is conservation, it sucks that we must always think of the pics we post, the video's we show with that in mind. We should never have to justify to anyone what we do...[we were born free americans with several inalienable rights, all of which seem under attack.] So with that in mind, apologize to none, show some restraint, and enjoy what our creator has given us....Good luck and good calling, Al