1. Never mentioned once that I am in favor of banning tournaments, I brought up the fact that the protester weren't for banning coyote hunting they were protesting the fact that it is a game/competition.

2. Deer are vicious garden raiding ungulate, I've personally been attacked by two more deer than coyotes.

3. I don't know of any tournaments held in May, June and July for the reason the last thing a tournament wants is dead puppies and lactating bitches on the check-in pile.

4. The reason we can't hunt coyotes with dogs in WA is that hound hunters continued to run cats using the excuse that they were running coyotes. The antis never banned dogs on coyotes.

5. Anti's are only a small segment of the population and nothing we can do will placate them. It is the large segment of the population that is neither an anti or a hunter that we need to reach out to, not offend.

6. Posting pictures middle aged coyotes sounds great, even better if they would have a half eaten poodle in there mouth.

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Make mine a Minaska.

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