So now your siding with the antis on banning tournaments?? Did you ever consider the fact that some tournaments are held to give hunters incentive to go out and thin out the overpopulated coyotes?? You ask a deer hunter who normally doesn't predator hunt if he wants to thin em out he may say no. You tell him there's money or prizes involved and you got a solution to a population problem. Again I ask you DO YOU THINK THE ANTIS CARE HOW OLD THE COYOTES, DEER, MOOSE, COUGAR ECT. Are??? Nope they don't. And agreeing with them is the reason why we can't hunt with dogs. Because sportsmen who didnt agree with it didnt back up their fellow sportsmen on the issue. They aren't called anti baby animal hunting or anti contest hunting or anti over huntin. They are ANTI HUNTERS!!!

And if deer were vicious calf ravishing chicken coop raiding, making lunch of people's pets, (AKA a predator) you bet your butt I would shoot them big or little.

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