Most people understand shooting adult coyotes because they read stories or hear on the news about coyote attacks on people, children and animals, coyote puppies don't attack or hurt anything. The folks in NM were not trying to stop coyote hunting just the fact that it was turned into a competition/game, killing for numbers instead of for a reason, pelts/control.

Take it a step farther, deer hunting, you start shooting fall fawns and your buddies will be all over your case. What the heck, they're going to grow up to be big deer anyway. You sure wouldn't post pictures on the internet of the fawns you killed.

One step further nobody is in a uproar over the death of a bunch of Mujahideen terrorists, but start killing a bunch of Muslim children because they might grow up to be terrorists, will get the whole world in an uproar and you get a good chance at getting the death sentence.

Babies of a species and children have a very special place in peoples hearts.

As I said before, sometimes you have to take care of problem animals, posting pictures of dead puppies and bragging about it on the internet is in poor taste.

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After the first shot the rest are just noise.

Make mine a Minaska.

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