So what happens when we post pictures of adult coyotes ?? They use those!! What happens when we quit postin kill pics perio and only post stories?? They will take out words out of context and use those
To spread their propaganda. I am not ashamed of what I like to do which is hunt predators. Big, small, black, white, brown and so on. The antis want hunting stopped regardless of what we post or don't post. Me personally I will not give them the satisfaction of a small victory for Them by not posting pictures of a successful day of predator control regardless of age. Mr. Morris do you not think they use the videos you and others have made to show this "cruel" "savage" "senseless killing" of "cute and cuddly" PREDATORS?? Post a picture of an OLD manged out coyote on its last leg in the middle of winter with a bullet hole and calling story and they wills till see it as "cruel" "savage" ect. This is my personal opinion. Call me tasteless or whatever you want I won't give those liberal tofu eating bunny hugging asshats an inch by sensoring my posts. I will refrain graphic photos to respect those who don't like seeing the gore and to stay inline with the rules but everything else is fair game in my book. I think sometimes as hunters we forget that if we were in line at the store when said liberals walked by and heard "purchase" and "hunting license" they would judge you on the spot regardless of who you were! By the way this post was never meant to go this route but its good to
See there are other folks who know where I'm comin from

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