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I call and kill adult dogs. Those are like picking off squirrels if you guys thing that makes you a coyote hunter then go for .I want a challenge that's why I don't kill the ones I find in the fields they are to easy like shooting pups out side a den.I thought this a hard core calling forum a person would think it was with all the custom call makers.

you kill adult dogs!!?? that is worse than killing baby coyotes!!!

the difference between you and alot of us is that we take care of coyotes for our ranches and others ranches. apperantley, you are just a weekend warrior that does it for the thrill. we do it for the bottom line of profit at the end of the year!

i find no offense in these pics. it is how this works in the real world.

do you age all the coyotes "on the hoof" before you deccide to shoot them???