SW Nebraska. March 1962. Cows were calving. One foggy morning on
the school bus, we came upon a frightful scene. A neighbor's
herd had been invaded by a pack of four coyotes which had singled
out a certain cow and calf. The battle had obviously been going
on for awhile....the cow's tongue was hanging way out as she
was whirling around and around to fight off the yotes. As the
bus went on down the road, one coyote grabbed the calf's hind
quarters and another was going for the throat. The other two were
still harassing the cow as the fog obscured our view. Next stop
was to pick up that farmer's kids and a couple of us ran to the
house to warn him of the events in his pasture. He grabbed his
.30-06 off the gun rack and was out of the yard in his pickup
before the bus got out. We learned that evening he was too late
to save the calf. It was still alive but the rear end was
shredded and partially eaten, so he had to put it out of it's
misery. But not before getting one of the coyotes. Calves are
so darned cute when they are just a few days old, and that one
was no exception.

Upon seeing the photos in this thread, I thought, "They are
cute at that age.", but I know only too well what they do when
adults. It's easy for me to see why a rancher wants any and all
coyotes destroyed.

What really slays me is that most of the anti's who would have
a fit over the photos here have no qualms over aborted humans.
Perhaps there should be more photos of them in some forum