I don't have one of the emoticons of eating popcorn, so I'll just sit back, and watch the show mostly from the fence... cool

That being said, I have done predator control work for a govt. agency before, and have seen every aspect of predator control up-close and personal. I had a requirement of photographing each dead animal, along with recording the GPS coordinates of the location, and other tasks. I have a virtual library of hundreds of photos...of hundreds of animals.

Some of them, I can, and will post.

Others...well, I won't post them, as I feel there is no need to include them in reflection of hunting stories and experiences told by me on an open forum.

For many of you, to be a paid Wildlife Specialist would be a "dream job"... I mean a govt. vehicle, all the gas paid for, and draw an almost decent wage to kill coyotes. Well, believe me when I tell you it's not all that savory an experience at times. But, to do proper predator control, it has got to be done if you are worth your beans. wink

Many is the time that I feel remorse for the animals.
To be clear, I have killed so many coyotes in some years that I almost feel sorry for them.... Almost. Reality seeps back in, and I am also aware of the damage they do, and havoc they wreak on entire industries and wildlife in U.S.

The "unsavory" aspect does rear it's head at times though. But the long range focus on what I was doing prevailed.

Now having you all know my position, I will say that the argument about posting things such as Brownie posted has always been controversial in nature in public forum. Not only the age of the coyotes, but graphic pictures as well from a couple of viewpoints can become controversial in itself... I know, as I have had my azz handed to me on one occasion for posting a picture not everyone agrees with before...
So, there is validity to the point already made that if you post a subject for discussion, be ready to accept the looming discussion, and points of view that may differ from the original intent of the thread.

It's just the nature of the beast.

For me personally, I am not offended. But, I will keep a portion of my vast library of photos private, and not open them up to discussion. Beyond that, I won't have those picture become part of the arsenal that will be used to restrict, limit, or infringe on the sport that all of us obviously enjoy.

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