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Sometimes you have to go out and take care of some problems. Bragging all over the internet about something that is pretty offensive to a lot of people is in poor taste. At least one of the other sights pulled the pics of the dead pups.

This is just the kind of things that libs in your home state can use to set seasons on coyotes, restrict e-callers and night hunting. We've already lost the use of decoy dogs, hounds or even just having your bird dog along on a coyote hunt.

The fact that your out in the woods with a gun and a call regardless of weather it's a hand call or ecall WITH THE INTENT TO KILL A COYOTE is ALL the Libs need to discriminate against you. Do you seriously think they care if your killing pups or teenagers or adults or old coyotes?? Your as foolish as them If you believe that. Now from now on if you or anyone else has a problem with this post PM me and we can talk in private or you can take it up with the mods. If you don't agree with it as I'm sure some don't then like previously stated MOVE ON. This thread has over 500 views and I'm sure not all agreed with it but they kept their opinions to themselves.