Decided to go out today out to the 7C's ranch and do a little coyote control and enjoy some quiet me time away from the family. After getting a late start I loaded up my gear and daisy dog and hit the road. I left my house at around 1pm and after a 45 minute drive I was at my first stand. I set the caller on a pile of old wire and as I was walking to my spot I looked up and see two heads up on the horizon. I drop down and pull my binos up and see two pups playing about 200 yards away. I play Push Buttons on the caller hoping pup distress will bring in mom and dad but i forgot to turn on the call. So I do some pup distress on my diaphragm call and the pups come about 50 yards closer and sit down. I get steady on my shooting sticks hoping to get a 2 for 1 special an send the 95gr VLD down range. A pup drops in his tracks and the other goes into a frenzy of pup distress. He moved at the last minute and only caught some fragments is my guess. I chamber another and just as I touch off he makes a break for it and I miss. I sent one more before losin sight of him.

After searching for the second one and not finding him we head to stand #2. We're rounding a corner before we get where were going and daisy gets tense and starts growling. We move up a few more yards and a coyote bolts through the sage. 3 shots later and he disappears over the hill.

View from stand #2. Other than the coyote we bumped out nothing showed up. After making it a mile down the road realized I left my phone there so I had to drive back and find the sage brush i sat in to find it. And well it took a while since theuy all look the same. But I found it and headed back out.

After the phone ordeal I headed a different direction than before because my gut had told me to stop on the way by the first time. So I parked the Durango and we headed to stand number 3

Notice the dirt bank in the center? That was another den. I was hoping the coyotes would come down the drainage from either the top
Or below but after a series of howls a pup came out
Of the hole howling his little head off. I lined him up and dumped him on his 125ish yards.

On the way to stand 4 I ran into the rancher and his crew branding calves and have him a progress report and showed him pics. He said I was a stone cold killer but appreciated it since those "cute little pups" would eventually be gnawin on his calves. Stand 4 was a bust but the view Was worth it. all in all Seen 7 killed 3 possibly 4. Not a bad day happy Memorial Day everyone.