As a field report update -

Reb sent me a larger version of his brass catcher for testing on my larger AR-10 platform. I also have the original version designed for the smaller AR-15.

After trying both of them on this rifle (Remington R-25 in .243) my recommendation to reb was to simplify and sell the original version for both platforms!

The original smaller unit seemed a much better fit and outperformed the larger one hands down. I was able to fire multiple 5 round groups without a single empty hitting the ground or bouncing back into the action.

There was some trouble with 8-9 rounds in the catcher at once, likely due to the sheer volume the larger .243 brass takes up in the pouch. This is a total non-issue for me as the catcher was never really designed for capturing large amounts of brass, and I would rarely if ever fire more than 2-3 rounds in a hunting situation anyway.

AR-10 owners, buy with confidence!

"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything." -- Wyatt Earp