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SuperSeal110, I cant find that adapter anywhere, If you get a line on one let me know, ive looked all over TNVC

I looked too and can't find it either. I got this mount about 3-4yrs ago from the ex for my birthday gift. She order it through TNVC.

It came with a handful of different couplers to fit on different scope eye pieces. I think it was right around $180. The design is okay, but could be approved on and make it more slim line to work on a bolt gun.

I'd hit up TNVC on here since he's a sponsor, or call him to ask about a PVS14 universal coupler system from tnvc and see if they still make it.

I did do a google search and there is a monolock, but it's $450! OUCH!

Fill me in on what you find out.

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