Not a prob. It's all in good fun.

As a matter of fact. I went hunting with a buddy a few weeks ago. We sat over a yote field and ole wiley never showed. I was bored and he had some extra time. We went to my local range. We sat and I was testing some new loads I worked up. New upper and totally unfamilliar. A 24 ss bull.
I shot some rounds to get into mode. Then popped 3 into 3/4 at 247 yds. Common for these guns. The three were in the lower left cube or a score keeper target. just missing the bullseye.The breeze I guess The pal was V101 here on PM and he was freaking.
He shot a target clay at 247 also. I think he liked that gun. Standard trigger also. I mix and match trigger componants till I find one with less creep.This one breaks like glass. I have match triggers but this one is odd. Standard but lighter than a run of the mill and clean.
I just enjoy shooting. I have nothing no one else doesn't have. I could set you up and have you doing the same thing in minutes. I'm having fun with a new 7mm mag. Bwaaaaaaammmmmmmm!!!!!

Shhhhhhhhhhhh..Out there......pass dem trees. “A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity”...SF