This is the first time that I have experienced the annual hunt, and I am doing so by proxy, as I can not attend this year. I am writing this to give a hearty thanks for all of the hard work that appears to have been done on this so far. I know you guys are dedicated, this much is obvious. What I propose is this, if anyone of you guys that have worked so hard in making this happen, if anyone of you ever are in Oklahoma, I will personally give you a guided hunt for free, for both yotes and bobcats. If you come in November or April, I will guide you on a Whitetail hunt or Turkey for free as well, whatever is in season. All this will cost you is your transportation, your licenses, ammo and film. I will cover food and lodging. plan on spending 2 days, because we will cover both Eastern and Western oklahoma. Hopefully I can get Northern Oklahoma covered also, so that would be 3 days.

Please let me know if my offer misses anyone from the following list:

Critr Gitr
Michael McCasland
Mike Paul

These are the names that I see are doing a lot of the pre-event work. I don't want to leave anyone out, so please feel free to chime in if you have done some work to help these guys out, or, are just supervising the work that they are doing.
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