As product donations for this years PM hunt continue to trickle in, we will post them here for you guys to look at. This will be a work in progress and we will update this list as product comes in. Be sure to keep checking back here for new items.

1. K-98 action in 22/250-with scope mount and camo-(donated by Jason's Gun Room)
2. FAL 308 and camo-(Donated by Jason's Gun Room)
3. New Savage 17 HMR bolt action (Donated by Mike Paul)
4. FoxPro caller w/Remote (Donated by Mike Dillion)
5. Custom Callers (Donated by Travis Lindley)
6. Predator Enticer Decoy (Donated by Eric Lenz)
7. Subcription to VHA magazine (Donated by VHA)
8. 10, $10.00 Heat in Sence Certificates (Donated by Hunter Claus)
9. 3 hand signed calls (Donated by Dan Thompson)
10. Rancho Safari Ghillie Suit (Donated by Dogboy)
11. 2 Praire Dog Be Gone Videos (Donated by Velocity Films)
12. DVD's and Videos, Coming to the Call, (Donated by Byron South)
13. DVD and Video, Varmint Safari (Donated by Dave Affeck)
14. Shooting bench (Donated by Tom Turner,aka Nasa)
15.Professional 5x7 montage,5pics, matted. (Donated by Randy Black, aka RanUtah)
16. New Bushnell Sentry"CAMO" Spotting Scope 18 to 36x50 (Donated by Mike Paul)
17. 2 Tanning certificates from Champion Tannery(Donated by Jim Champion)
18. 1 $25.00 gift card (Donated by Midway USA)
19. 10 $25.00 gift cards (Donated by Natchez Shooters Supplies)
20. 3 sets of Shooting stix (Donated by Jim McGill, aka Pup)
21. Fur stretchers (Donated by Jeff, aka Hornet Fan)

Items to be Auctioned at the Hunt:

One Bloodwood Rhino call from Jay Nistetter
Two antler calls from Brad Holzer (Brad H)
Two buffalo horn howlers from T. Richard (Songdog)
Two Box Elder calls from Steve Suko(Oscar)
One Johnny Stewart Commemorative buckle from Randy Black (RanUtah)
Three open reed calls from Pup-(Jim Mcgill)

Item for the Open Board Auction

9 day African Hunt with Lochi Lochner
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