Precision AR (top) VLTOR Upper w/20" Lothar-Walther barrel, matched bolt & FailZero carrier. Optic is Leupold Mk IV 10x w/mil-dots. Free float tube is PRI Delta carbon fiber. The lower is an LRB my wife bought me for our anniversary. Trigger is SSA-E and very sweet, especially for semi automatic rifle. Stock is a Magpul UBR. A little heavy but it's very rugged and has a great cheek weld for an adjustable stock. It's is very accurate with 75-77 gr bullets

Carbine I put together (bottom) from a PSA kit on a PSA lower. The Battlecomp works well keeping the muzzle flat for fast shooting.

I really want to try that Aimpoint on running jackrabbits!

Precision AR- First trip to the range

Carbine in action
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