Need some advise from the seasoned AR users. I purchased a RRA Coyote carbine this week. Installed a M-223 scope on a Burris mount. I also put a Trueglow red/green dot on top. If the true glow doesn't hold up,I will upgrade to an EOTECH someday. Anyhow I have a couple questions. First question. I need to upgrade my charging handle. Scope henders access! I am looking for recommendations. I am considering a Vltor BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 Medium Charging Handle. Are there problems with these or should I go with the larger size? Second question. I am currently using Hornady 55 grain 223 V-Max loads. I was wondering with the 16 inch barrel would I benefit by steping up to the Hornady Superformance 53 grain 223 rounds or should I stay with what I am sighted in for? With this rifle I don't expect to shoot out much past 200 yards or so. As information I also have a Savage model 10 predator rifle in a 22-250 with a Nikon Monarch 4x16x42 for those areas where long distance shooting is an option. That rifle is great, but it is heavy so I wanted a lighter weapon (AR platform) for hiking longer distances and for fast target aquisition.

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