This is a must have for any out door enthusiast.. This is one tool that can literally save your life. My brother started this business is 1990, he was diagnosed with MS and can no longer make them. Me and Kim bought the business from him and are starting to make them. They are made from flint and 99 percent pure magnesium,they will light a fire in any weather conditions!! The magnesium burns at a whopping 5500 deg. These make great gifts, they are great to throw in the ATV, Boat, Truck, 72 hour kits Etc. We make them in several different sizes they start off at 1000 strikes and go to 30,000 strikes. Below are a few of the models we make and the prices for PM members. Thanks for looking and please let me know if you would like one.. Kerry

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To kind of put it in perspective. The average person can light a fire in 4 or less strikes after they have done it a time or 2.

The 30 thousand strike fire starter if it takes 4 strikes to light a fire. It will build a fire every day for the next 20 years. Thats pretty darned cheap insurance. The 15,000 strike starter will build a fire everyday for the next 10 years

The 7000 strike will build a fire every day for the next 4.5 years and the 1000 strike for the next .68 years..

Here is a video link as to how our Firestarters work and how to use them..

This one has a deer antler handle and it is 1000 strikes, $12.00 delivered

This one had a deer antler handle and is 7000 strikes, $16.00 delivered

We also make a 15,00 strike that is $24.00 delivered ( I will get a Pic Up)

This is the big momba!! a whopping 30,000 strikes.. $30.00 delivered

This one is a 1000 strike and has an imatation deer antler handle. $10.00 delivered

This is our back packer model. It has a pouch to carry everything in and it is a 7000 strike fire starter. $12.00 delivered

Thanks for looking, Kerry

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