Yeah, don't get me wrong. I like the SBK's for targets, so far. In .204:

•Ballistic Coefficient: 0.176 for 35 gr. Bergers
•Ballistic Coefficient: 0.275 for 40 gr. V-Max

I found this online, without any indication of how it drops by speed. I'm not at home, so I can't check Sierra's software as to how the BC drops with a drop in speed. Or, haven't checked how each bullet "bucks the wind"/drift, etc.

But, I guess my point still stands, between any polymer tipped bullet, I'm thinking the BC isn't going to amount to much difference in drift/drop/whatever until you get 100's of YDs away. Sure, 5" inches is a miss on a prarie dog at 600 YDs, but it probably isn't the bullets fault at that point. *wink*

Another good link I've found is at with some BC's, drop, drift charts, etc. at the bottom of the article. Shows a different BC for the Bergers than above.


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