I expect everyone's mileage will vary on your question. My Savage doesn't shoot the 40 vmax very well. It will shoot under moa, but nothing like the 39 sbk. This particular rifle also shoots 32 vmax, 34 Midsouth hp, and 35 Bergers very well. I haven't really seen a powder than it doesn't shoot pretty good with. Some powders are of course faster than others, but I've found a sweet spot with most all of them. So far with CFE 223, I just haven't been able to get it to really settle in consistently and shine in this rifle, but I haven't shot it a whole lot either. CFE 223 has been outstanding in my 22-250 on the other hand.

I killed 14 coyotes last fall with the 32 vmax loaded over 26.9g of A2230 for about 3,950 fps. Only 1 even moved out of their tracks and he only made it about 50 feet. I did lose one with the 32 vmax, but it was operator error. I shot him at 145 yds at night and he was jet black. I hit him too far back and too high and missed the lungs. That's the only one I lost. Unfortunately I would have gladly traded the other 14 for this one black one that got away.

Glow Bull Warming:
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