I'm shooting a Savage model 16 with 22" ss barrel 1x12 twist. It shoots 39's very well with 27.7g of either of the 4895's, and 27.6g of IMR 8208. So far CFE 223 has been less than stellar in this particular rife, but still looking on it. W748 has done very well also with the 39's.

The following was shot in mid-Dec. 2011. It is slightly over listed max but shoots well in this rifle with no pressure signs. The col for this load was 2.332, but this rifle also shoots the 39's very well with a col of 2.258. Any of these 4 powders shoot pretty regularly in the .3 and .4's and generally run about 3,750 fps. As usual these are only safe in my rifle and may not be in yours.
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