Serious questions for those of you that have 'decoy' dogs.

In your opinion, what is it about YOUR dog that makes a coyote want to engage it?

If you don't have, or haven't tried 'decoying' coyotes, please hold your supposition, I want to hear about personal experience with YOUR decoy dog(s) smile

We all know that if a coyote doesn't engage your dog, and follow it back to your position, it really isn't being "decoyed". Distracted perhaps, but not decoyed.
So what does YOUR dog do & how does it trip a coyote's trigger to chase it back to you?
Is that skill set trained by you, or is it a natural behavior that your dog has that just needed exposure & development???

Is it the physical appearance (size or color) of your dog that matters?

Is it your dog's attitude on stand (passive, aggressive, vocal) that causes a coyote to engage?

If a coyote won't "decoy" initially, how does your dog stay after that coyote until it brings on an attack or chase response?

How important do you feel breeding is to making a 'decoy' dog?

Houndsman who hunt treehounds & running dogs always seem to recommend getting a pup from 'proven' hunting stock because the genetics odds are in favor of that pup having those same traits. This makes perfect sense to me & many others who want to get started with a good prospect.

If that is the case, then what makes a 'decoy' dog any different?

Why do some guys here encourage any/all newcomers to "try XXX dog out on stand and see what he does"?

I can understand encouraging guys to enjoy their dogs, but is that really sound advice to give a beginner?

If you had a new hunter come on the forum wanting to make a Rottweiler a coon hound, would you encourage him to get or use a Rottweiler? Or would you try to steer him toward a proven coon dog breed like a bluetick, walker, (cur wink ) etc.?

The reason I'm asking is because it seems like most guys here will encourage ANYONE to try ANY dog as a "decoy" dog.