Sorry guys, I have been meaning to get back to you, but just plain forgot.

Well, me and him are no longer talking due to totaly unrelated personal issues. But from what i have been told by mutual friends distemper seems to be the culpret. I have not heard the whole story, and i think there is definatly something fishy going on, because i have been told by several reliable friends that he had to put down every one of his hunting dogs. No they did not get sick, just put them down. If distemper was the only concern then i see no reason to kill all the healthy dogs. they ether get it or they dont. It seems to me like it may have been something else, and he was trying to avoid lots of expensive testing, and quarantine, and vet bills to have critters destroyed and disposed of. Again im not sure what exactly the deal is, just seems like and aweful drastic move.

If i find anything new out i will let you know.
If our wives were more like our dogs...... There would be a lot more happy men in this world.

"six potato chips all at once? wow, guess he is gonna make a decoy dog!" hahaha just kiddin guys!