Here is the process I used for the HBN coating of the bullets in the version 5 guide:

Step 1: Wash the bullets (about 250 6mm bullets) in acetone.

Step 2: Place the bullets and impact media (1.5 lbs #B steel shot) in metal pan.

Step 3: Heat the bullets and impact media @ 240°F for 20 min.

Step 4: Plate the bullets for 2 hours (1 hour 15 min. for Sierra Blitz), adding approximately 250mg 7 micron HBN directly to the tumbler.

Step 5: Remove the bullets from the media.

Step 6: Give the bullets a quick polish with a towel or old T-shirt. You can also place the bullets back in the tumbler with old newspaper or cloth strips for a real shine. Personally, I don't think the prairie dogs can tell how shiny the bullets are.

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