Definatly not ticks.

They are running dogs, not coon dogs. Never seen a coon, let alone chewed on one.

The pup we know is not distemper. the vet checked for it, and said he was clean. Plus, i have given these pups all their shots personaly.

They are not related to the best of my knowledge. I know they share some bloodlines, just not how sure how close.

we are all just scratching our heads, because no body can figure it out. Both dogs have the exact same simptoms.

Hopefully MSU can figure something out for us.

Thanks for the help, i will let you boys know how it turns out.
If our wives were more like our dogs...... There would be a lot more happy men in this world.

"six potato chips all at once? wow, guess he is gonna make a decoy dog!" hahaha just kiddin guys!