blasto can do just about anything, but is very rare. the chances of having 2 dogs w/ it is almost impossible.

Seizure at that age of 2 epilepsy would be the most common cause and is genetic.

as afar 5 month old. distemper would be high on my radar, as well as liver problems like shunts.

Hypoglycemia can cause seizure in a young dog like that also.

could very well be looking at different dz causeing simular symptoms.

tough to say w/o all the facts, blookwork and ect. sending the one off to MSU was a great idea.

If they are coon dogs you might look at this dz it is rare, but i have seen it in dogs used for coon hunting.

tick born dz can cause simular type signs so if they had a heavy tick burden i would look at rocky moontian spotted fever, or erhlichia.
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