All right Brandon, time to get to work, lol.

A good buddy and hunting partner of mine recently had a hound get sick. he was about two years old, male, and healthy, until about three weeks ago. the dog started acting goofy, and quit eating, and started having seizures. The local vets couldnt figure it out, and he died. We sent the dogs head to Michigan State University for testing, and havnt heard back. Well, the other day, a pup about 5 months old started with the same simptoms. If he makes it till tuesday he is going to MSU to see what they can figure out on the living puppy. At this point its not about saving the one puppy, but figuring out what it is and geting it under controll before it whipes out his own kennel.

We know its not rabies. We know its not distemper. I suggested Blastosis (sp?) which has the vets really scratching their heads, because all the simptoms are their, but they have never heard of it spreading dog to dog. But they all tell us the same thing, their experience with blasto is very limited. infact, they dont seem to know crap about it, lol, and these are exelent vets.

So, i guess any input you or anyone may have will help hopefully.

If our wives were more like our dogs...... There would be a lot more happy men in this world.

"six potato chips all at once? wow, guess he is gonna make a decoy dog!" hahaha just kiddin guys!