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anyone tried the new CBE223 powder yet???? got the powder but no range time yet--thanks--should work well--

I have now!
I loaded up to 29.5 gr with two different 75gr Bullets and fired in two guns.
The first was a DTech 18 inch barreled 1/12 twist and the speed averaged 2938fps and it shot 5 shots into .968 with 3 shots under 1/2 inch with a hornady hp.

The next load was the same but with the 75gr Vmax and the gun was a 24 inch barreled Cooper. Speed averaged 3093fps and the 5 shots was .605.

These loads looked like lower pressure than my current loads for each gun but with equal or better velocity.
Looks very promising and I would suggest using BLC-2 data and work up.
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