His and Her's AR-15's

.223/556 18" SD (SS, SPR Lilja Barrel w/1:8 twist) upper w/ Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 with standard crosshair(green dot) which I use for low light and night hunting for predators.

6.8 16" S.T.A.T upper (SS, Wilson lightweight Hunter Barrel SPC II aka 1:11 ) W/ Nikon Monarch w/BDC 3-9x40 which I bought my wife for V-Day to use for hog and deer hunting.

Standard and youth model rifles don't fit my wife well so since she did well (fit/balance)with my 556,I had the 6.8 built for her. Once sighted in, she was able to take out clay pegions with every shot at 200 yards, freehanded.

Both shoot well under MOA (bench) using the following factory ammo:

6.8 Hornady SST 120's.
.223 Hornady V-Max 55gr, Black Hill 60 gr V-Max, and .556 62 gr SP (Any).