I have glassed up 3 different bears in 1 drainage in an area that I hunt. 2 medium sized black bears and 1 big red bear. The drainage starts out really low in Saguaro cactus and Prickly Pear and works it's way up all the way to Pine slopes with a few Oaks intermixed. 2 of the bears have been in the medium elevation Oak/Manzanita/Juniper level of the canyon. The big red bear was in the pears. I have called with a phantom predator caller with both rabbit and deer sounds countless hours over fresh bear sign in the canyon both low and high and in the bottom of the drainage to on top of the rim. No bears! I have called for a few hours with a circe with the same luck. I have not been able to glass the bears up since the 2nd day of the hunt but according to the sign they are still using the area. Dees anyone have any tips on how to get them out? Thank you
Bret Mattausch