I have a couple of questions concerning bear expansion of their current territory. Mike, you know what type of country I live in- bluffs, coulees, hardwood forests and farmland. In addition, we have some major "wilderness" WMA such as Trout Valley, Snake Crrek and the Whitewater. Currently, every other year or two, bear sights are reported in my two home counties. A few years ago, there were even sightings of a sow and cubs. I have 2 questions:

1) With the expanding bear population on the Wisc. side of the Mississippi, given the problems of the barrier caused by the river, will Wisc bears ever migrate in enough numbers to provide a breeding population of bears in SE Minnesota?
2) Do you think that since SE Minnesota was part of the historic black bear area (a huntable population was present around Elba in 1919) that the DNR will ever reintroduce bears here? If not, do you feel that it is because public support is against it? Thanks trappnman

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