Nice looking bear. That bear baiting is a blast. Lots of work, and takes lots of gasoline but it is worth it. I baited hard for 10 years and then had two kids and now I just don't have enough time to bait bears. I usually spend a week or so doing the spot and stalk thing now. I want to give calling a whirl here in a couple of weeks when I go.

Those nocturnal bears can give a guy fits. It seems like when they start coming at night they know something is up. Have you ever used any of those cheap trailtimers. We used them to find out what time bears were showing up and what day. I noticed when I was baiting that if a bear had to cross much open ground to get to the bait they usually came later in the evening. I had better luck getting them to show if there was plenty of cover to make them feel at ease coming into the bait during good daylight. I also had much better luck setting up baits as far away from any human intrusion as possible. It was lots of work to get bait a mile off the road but it paid off with bears coming in early in the evening. Is there water reasonably close by? Having a water source within a 1/4 of a mile or so always seemed to help me. I think on the bait diet makes bears need more water than when they graze on vegetation.

I never did try calling off a bait. Like you said lots of times the bears are most likely within hearing distance. Good luck to you. I hope ya get a big one.