Bill--removal of some four letter words is a welcome decision as far as I am concerned. If one cannot express him/herself without profanities such as the f-word, perhaps a trip back to the 'ol high school English class would be in order, or better yet, a little washing out of the mouth with lye soap might be in order.

Your attitude about competing products is also refreshing. As a matter of fact, it is downright astute, IMHO. I can see the wisdom in listening to and learning from the discussion about "ALL" callers, and fixing your equipment in those areas that need fixing and keeping and/or improving on what is working well.

Thanks for making this board available. I look forward to hearing test results on your product from varmint callers who have used it in the field.

If you ever need someone to "test" your product, I'd be happy to be one of the "testers" up here in North Dakota.

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