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you can find the 45 degree mount at www.predatortactical.com

as requested. a side view

I inherited the scope from my father, would rather have my dad...but I know he'd rather me using it than letting it collect dust while I sit in my room and pout. The 45 is very pricey, I was kinda kicking myself for buying it, but when every ounce counts, its worth every penny, i think he just sold a few truck loads of them to one of our armed forces branch. THANKS FOR YOU KIND WORDS, really meant a lot. I grabbed this gun wihle I could, no wife, no kids, few bills, satisfying paycheck, so why the heck not ya know. I will admit, its a little intense for my first hunting AR. Im just a normal bolt action guy, time to get with it i reckon. come hunt with me in tx anytime.

Looks awesome! No such thing as too intense in AR land! You'll love it. They seem to grow on you until sometimes you find yourself just going to the safe and grabbing an AR just to hold it... (it really happens)

I'm sorry to hear about your dad... It's great that you have his scope though. Ever time you get behind that gun you'll be able to remember that.

Any idea which free float tube that is?