Myself and a buddy decided that we would go out and do some calling for the first time this year. We both work for the same company so it is hard to get our schedules close to do much hunting. We had a spot we found during dove season that was in a deep canyon with a pond. Every time we went dove hunting we would talk about coming back in the winter and doing some calling. It looked like a great spot. Steep walls on both sides and the creek bottom is about 5 miles long and 1 mile wide. After about 35 minutes of letting the call run and nothing except a crow and 4 momma cows showing any interest we decided to move on to another spot. As we were walking back to the truck, I told my buddy I was gonna walk over to the pond and check for deer and coyote sign. As I walk up the hill over looking the pond I notice 3 small calves have fallen through the ice in the middle of the pond. My buddy quickly calls the land owner and I try to think of a way to get them out, without having a rope handy. The water was deep enough that all you could see of the calves was the top of their heads. We found a piece of pipe about 12 ft long and decide to try to break the ice into a tunnel leading up to the bank. After about 20 minutes of digging and breaking we finally get a small area without any ice. It didn't take the calves long to find it. The first 2 popped right out, but the 3rd and smallest calf could only get her front legs on the bank. I finally had to grab her tail and drag her to dry ground. All 3 were so weak once they got out that they just stood next to the water, shacking for a couple minutes then walked off to find their momma. The land owner showed up about 10 minutes later and could not believe we had already freed them from the ice. He was so thankful that we saved 3 of his calves that he offered to give us enough beef to fill our freezers for the winter. We declined and said that if he keeps letting us hunt, that we would be happy. By the time all of this was over it was to late to try another stand but it didn't matter. The day ended great. I guess sometimes it doesn't take a kill to make for a good day of calling.
”A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.”
~George Washington