It was a beautiful 37 degrees today so i decided to go on a 2 hour hunt with my 10/22. i got a new scope so i thought i would get a few rabbits. got to one of my favorite rabbit spots and looked for tracks not much. so i walked a 1/2 mile in looking for rabbits took my secret hand call with me sounded a few notes and nothing. so i decided to sight in my new simmons scope on it. took 20 fun rounds at 70 yards and sighted it in just fine. so i walked behind the target facing in the woods and looked for tracks. saw rabbit, fox and saw cat tracks said another cat is here. i remember i slambbed my truck door a few times and probaly won't see or hear any thing because of the door slamms and had 20 shots fired, but still had the wind in my favor. so i said, ah, what the heck. walked down the trail 50 yards toward my truck and laid 5 to 7 more notes. and started to listen. And all of a sudden i got a answer back at 100 yards or so. first time. but then again i just got my secret weapon.

Now i am in sum thick woods (small jackpines) and bush country. (4 foot brush grass, (i call swamp grass.) then the critter cut down, his yards in the brush and was 70 yards or so. Now this critter would give a short bark and then a medium long howl. i have coyote dvds and this bark and howl was different. he made probaly a 100 barks and howls every 5 to 10 seconds apart. he didnot sound like a wolf. knowing i had a 22, ( looking for a fox or cat) i knew i was under gunned. this dog had a very deep howl. he stayed with me until i walked back to my truck. i said next time out comes the #4 buckshot.

My question is---- was this normal. And was this a wolf or big coyote... He sound Coyote to me... What do you think guys which one was it. you know coyote behavior more than me. He keeped his distance, but i didnot get on that call again cause i knew i was under gunned. Thank-You, for your opions, and i do carry a camera with me, when i have sumthing to take a picture of. smile
1) SuperCroc-Sarcosuchus-40feet,L,found,in,N.Africa
2) Deinosuchus-39feet long,discovered in N.Carolina

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