It is time again. This is the vote for the October Hunt Of The Month thumbup1. There were some outstanding stories this month and these were some of the best thumbup. Pictures and details really make a difference.

A special thanks goes out to the sponsors and HOB's for the prizes they donate. If it was not for them, this may not be possible. Be sure to send them a thanks.

First Place

This months winner is going to get a wonderful call set and lanyard made by Brian Workman. He did an outstanding job on this one.

Because there were so many good stories this month we are going to give second place a hat donated by our own 220 Swift

At the bottom are the links to the stories. Please take some time and read them. After you do place your vote for the one you think is the best.

1. Awesome weekend of calling by Boeandme

2. Singles, doubles and triples! Nine dog day by Getemclose

3. ND coyote hunt on 10-20 and 10-21 by Silverfox

4. Michigan archery opener 2011 by Tim Neitzke

5. Montana pronghorn hunt by Bowhunt32

6. Making the most of a windy day by 300magman

7. Three coyotes and a badger by Dustinyotes

8. My wolf, it has all been worth it by JCS271

This will run until Nov. 20 at noon EST

October HOM
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