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I am compiling a load book for the 6x45. Currently, I have 945 loads for everything from 55gr bullets up to 100gr bullets. If you will share with me your load data, I will include it in the book. I will then post the book here. If you wish to help out, please include as much information as possible about the load and firearm. Thanks,


If you have access to Handloader magazines, I wrote a feature article on the 6X45. The name of the article is Kimber's 6X45 - A Sensible Wildcat and it was published in Handloader Issue 131, January-February 1988, pages 48 to 52.

I assure you that I'm one of the honest gunwriters, one who actually shoots. All of the data I listed in the article was carefully developed at the range and it was safe in the three rifles I borrowed from Kimber of Oregon. One of the rifles shot so danged well that I bought it.

My 6X45 article was re-printed in that huge and wonderful book by Wolfe Publishing, Wildcat Cartridges - Volume II. It appears in its full published version on pages 857 to 859.

Interestingly enough, Wolfe Publishing screwed all of their writers when publishing Wildcat Cartridges - Volume II. We sell "first publishing rights" to our articles and if the piece is re-printed, the publisher is lawfully obliged to pay for any subsequent publishing. Wolfe absolutely did not pay for re-publishing. That was about the last time I trusted an editor.

If you are unsuccessful in finding my 6X45 article, just ask and and give me your physical address; I'll send you an autographed hard-copy by snail mail, with my total compliments.

Good luck with the load book on this fabulous cartridge.

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