I've never posted in the pics thread so here goes

My 1st coyote upper. Had this rifle in various configurations since Clintons 1st term (hence no FH) 16" .223 1-4x IR. My sons coyote rifle now.

My goto coyote rifle. 20" 5.56 on Cavalry Arms lower. Was a MK I and had it remade into a MK II when Cav was still up and running. Had this rifle in different configs for over 10 years.

My 6x45 on AGP lower with Oly SUM bbl and RRA 2 stage. This is becoming my favorite AR and will see extensive use this fall for coyotes.

My big game AR -16" chrome lined Bushy 7.62 ORC changed up with Apex FF tube and A2 stock with RRA 2stage wearing Weaver Tactical Grand Slam 3-10x mil/mil. Runs great so far with no feeding, extracting or ejecting issues.

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All you gotta do is not miss!
(Yes that Coyote is napping with my AR)