More 6x45 loads over the Chrony as of 5/8/2011

Savage FP10, 24" SS McGowan barrel.
COL for all loads is 2.280"
Win. small rifle primers.
All shot SUB to MOA in my gun, from .620" to 1.060"
Average FPS of 5 shots.

65g vmax, 24g AA2015...3171 FPS
70g Nosler BT, 24g AA2015...3168 FPS
87g vmax, 27.5g BLC2...2872 FPS
87g vmax, 27g BLC2...2792 FPS
87g vmax, 25g H335...2810 FPS
87g vmax, 26.5g Varget...3002 FPS
95g Nosler BT hunting, 24.1g H335...2653 FPS
95g Nosler BT hunting, 26.7g BLC2...2655 FPS
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