My experience with the R-25 has been good. I've had one in .243 for a little over 2 years with acceptable results for what I use it for. It's my dedicated night rig and it gets used hard on a regular basis. Shooting at night, the longest shots on coyotes are a few hundred yards at most, so accuracy isn't a huge concern as long as it stays under 1" at 100 yds. which it does, but not by much.

Based on what I've experienced after trying numerous loads through it, the rifle in it's stock configuration is not an accurate enough rig for consistent 500-600 yard hits on small targets like groundhogs and praire dogs. I'm sure it would be fine for ringing the large plates and for humanoid type targets at that distance though.

The stock factory trigger on the R-25 was one of the worst I have seen. The best thing I've done to mine is exchange the stock trigger for a Jewell 2-stage adjustable trigger, which makes all the difference in the world for the longer shots. On the range, I've noticed the barrel tends to heat up and your shots will wander with rapid fire or long shot strings in warmer weather, at least mine does.

This has nothing to do with your accuracy question, but if you are going to use it in the field regularly, the extra $$ for the camo is not worth it in my honest opinion. The camo coating seems to mark and chip very easily. Where the forearm of mine rests in the shooting sticks' rubber clad yoke, the camo is entirely worn through in areas and appears white in color.

Based off what I've experienced with the R-25 I have, if I had to buy one again I'd go directly with a DPMS LR-243 rather than the rebadged Remington version. All in all they aren't bad guns, but be willing to spend a couple hundred additional dollars for an aftermarket trigger to bring the best out of it.