I got a dog that the hole won't heal up, its from a deep trauma (run over in the mid section by atv, just in front of the back legs behind the ribcage) that killed a lot of tissue deep in. That dead tissue has worked its way to the surface, I had a vet open a large pocket under the hide and install a drain tube, that worked well but then a week later it was time to take the tube out. The wound healed but then later filled back up with fluid and more dead tissue, the bottom where the drain tube was reopend so I left it to weep out. Its been healing up, refilling, then reopening for quite a few cycles now

the injury as best I can figure happened in june 2010, I didn't see any pockets until 0ct, vet opened the wound I think late november and its been draining since. I worked a little more dead tissue out and some fluid just today. not sure what to do about this.

The other side recently had a pocket swell up as well, the fur fell off, probaly a silver dollar size lump maybe a bit bigger, and it was purple looking.
I nicked that one with a knife, it drained a good amount of old blood and some dead tissue. Its healing up nice now. Wish the other side would heal as well. I want to train and work her some, but its winter too

this is a britt I'm trying to make a decent pointer for grouse, some rabbit too.

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