I cannot argue much with any of these options. Just a couple of thoughts or "pearls".

Love a staple gun as it is quick and easy. I have access to anything obviously and this is my first choice if at all possible.

When you sew a wound try and look at the layers and get them to match when you pull it together. Don't pull the sutures very tight as the tissue will swell and you need to leave the sutures loose enough to allow for swelling.

A good antibiotic is hard to beat, but getting a good antibiotic is another thing. Getting enough of a good antibiotic is even harder to accomplish.

Most of our dogs are like a herd of cows. It is hard to find someone who understands that and will treat them as such. We don't just own one little poodle that lives in the house we have a whole pack in most cases.

An old saying is that a veterinarian helps only 10% of the animals that are sick. 80% were going to get better on their own and 10% were going to die no matter what you do.

Just my 2 cents worth.