I thought I had posted pictures of mine, but I guess not.

20" Tonys custom upper. Spikes Tactical lower, Ace Skelton stock, 2 stage trigger. I dig the rifle, these coyotes didnt.

This is how it started life:

I took the Burris XTR rings off as it did not get the Leupold 3.5-10x40 far enough forward and I bought a Armalite mount. I also took off the adustable as at 6'4 it wasnt long enough for my arms/frame and with the heavy barrel it didnt really balance out the rifle. I put a Ace Skeleton stock that I bought from here and I absolutely love it. I also put camo tape on the barrel and hand guard as I do not have the skill/huevos/artistic ability/ to paint an AR like some people do!

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