Thanks guys for all the comments, I really appreciate it.
I guess I am just lucky, I have millions of acres of US timber land just out my back door not 20 yds from my property line. I have a storage shed in my back yard and have ordered a hunting blind window to put in the back of the shed, where I can put a bait pile at any distance I want. I also ordered a driveway sensor that will let me know when anything is near the bait. (lazy mans hunting blind)
I also ordered a XLR 250 Kill Light to mount on my scope.
With my propane heater going in my shed I am set up for night time hunting in comfort. Yea I know lazy,lazy,lazy.
But I have an excuse, I am 72 yrs old.

If I ever offend anyone on this board it will be out of ignorants not malice.

My father always told me A man is only as good as his word and I truly believe that.