Had plans all week to take my boys Niko who is 5 and Slader 4 calling on saturday. So this afternoon since the weather here in AZ has finally gotten nice we loaded up and headed out. I took my oldest last year and he turned out to be a good luck charm as we called in two yotes and a bobcat in just two stands.
Our first stand today was a nice looking wash. I was looking for a stand that was easy to walk to and easy to see incoming animals so the boys could hopefully see some critters. Well 2 minutes in my oldest starts pointing to the caller and a grey was popping out of a bush in front of my Big Country. The fox saw us moving and left, but just then a second fox was coming in and got behind a big palo verde but then appeard just 10 feet in front of us. I shot him and then a third comes in and and gives me a perfect shot. Made a second stand and had a fourth fox show up but I could not get a shot on it with my .17 fireball. It was just too thick.

This was a great day!!

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